Adams' 2017-18 Pre-Med Tutors: Vinayak Muralidhar, Matt DeSalvo, Veena Venkatachalam, Sheila Enamandram, Sunny Patel

Welcome to the Adams House pre-med/pre-health advising team! We are here to support Adams students who are interested in careers in the health professions. Many students will utilize our support when they apply to medical school, and we also encourage all students to think about the many ways they can become health care providers, like nursing, dentistry, becoming a physicians' assistant, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, and more. Whatever your interests, please feel free to email to set up a meeting with one of the tutors.

Every year, students interested in the health professions are strongly encouraged to fill out the pre-med/pre-health info form. We send this form out in the fall of each year so please look out for it. If you still have not heard from us by December, please reach out to let us know! When you are ready to apply to medical school, please fill out our annual Intent to Apply form, which is sent out each spring.

If you are a graduating senior and think you might apply sometime in the future and want to make sure that you do not miss these emails, please email our mailing list before graduation and we will make sure we keep you on our list to reach out to each year.

Below, please find several important documents from last year’s application cycle. We will be sending these out each year to the pre-med students that we know of, but they are here for your reference:

Again, please don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions!


Your Resident Pre-Medical Tutors:

Pre-med Tutors

Matt DeSalvo (Randolph D-11) is currently a Neuroradiology fellow at MGH, and also spends his time doing neuroimaging research at the Martinos Center in Charlestown. He completed his MD at HMS, after spending a year doing epilepsy research at Yale, where he did his undergraduate studies in math. 

Sheila Enamandram (Westmorely A-13) is an MD/MBA candidate at HMS/HBS. She is interested in improving quality and access to healthcare through hospital management and in digital technology applications in medicine. Before med school, she studied Molecular Bio & Political Science at Yale. 

Vinayak Muralidhar (Claverly J-204) is a Radiation Oncology resident in the MGH/BWH combined program. He earned his MD at HMS, a Masters in Social Policy at Oxford on a Marshall Scholarship, and a BS in mathematics & biology from MIT. 

Nikhil 'Sunny' Patel (Randolph I-21) is a Psychiatry resident at Cambridge Health Alliance, where his interests lie in global mental health and advocacy for vulnerable populations. Before residency, he received his MD from Mayo Medical School, MPH in global health at Harvard School of Public Health, MS in Integrative Biology & Physiology, and BS in Biology at UCLA. 

Veena Venkatachalam (Randolph D-11) is a Radiation Oncology resident in the MGH/BWH combined program, where she is pursuing her career as a physician-scientist. She completed her MD/PhD in the Harvard/MIT program, focusing her PhD on biophysics, and majored in chemistry and biology as an undergrad at MIT. 


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