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Slideshow Photos by Rose Lincoln / Harvard Gazette 

The Adams House Librarian is Santiago Pardo Sánchez.

Since those early gifts from John Harvard in 1638, books and libraries have always been on center stage at Harvard College.  Today, the University boasts the world’s largest research library system, with more than 18 million volumes.  One of the unique gifts of Harvard's House system is the set of amenities that each of the Houses provides. Chief among those are the House Libraries.  

The Adams House Library, dedicated to the Adams House members who died during World War II, is wonderful workspace for students.  Even in an ever-evolving digital age, we still treasure our books and the physical library space.  Although the Library is open 24 hours a day, access to the Library is restricted to Adams House residents.  The House collection normally does not circulate, but specific pieces are available upon request and approval of the House Librarian.  We also ask that there be no eating or drinking in the House Library.