Adams' 2017-18 Writing Tutors: Marina Connelly, Eleanor Craig

Adams' 2017-18 Non-Resident Tutors: Kris Trujillo, Sarah Yeoh-Wang

Your writing tutors are here to work with you on research, writing process, and project planning. We hold drop-in events around times that we know are busy, but you can always make an appointment! 

We are here to support you in all things writing, from a Gen Ed paper to your senior thesis. For those embarking on theses, there will be regular 'bootcamp' sessions where you can write beside fellow thesis-ers and bask in one another's focused intensity.

We hold events in the Heaney Suite (Randolph, I Entryway) for Adamsians to share creative work, and our Senior Thesis Show wraps up the year on a celebratory note. These events are wonderful community occasions and all are welcome to attend.

For appointments, please contact Eleanor at ecc212@mail.harvard.edu.