Party Registration


  1. All parties must be registered. If you are planning a party, you must talk with your entryway tutor about your plan before submitting your online form. The form is due by NOON Friday for weekend parties. Tutors may decline to approve parties at their discretion.
  2. Parties are allowed only on Friday and Saturday nights, or before University Holidays, and are forbidden during Reading and Exam periods and prior to major standardized tests (LSAT, MCAT, etc).
  3. Be respectful of the community: Speak with your neighbors before hosting a party and clean up any mess resulting from your party. Music must be turned off by 1:30am and guests must leave by 2:00am.
  4. Kegs or multi-suite parties MUST be approved by the House Dean.
  5. Be a responsible host: monitor the safety of your guests and if you have concerns, contact the tutor on call (617 999 5878) or HUPD (617 495 1212)
  6. Any questions should be directed to Taj (


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Adams Party Registration Form