Resource Efficiency Program

The Harvard Office for Sustainability mission is to advance solutions to evolving global health and environmental challenges that benefit the common good by translating research into practice and empowering people to be stewards for the future. Check out the Office’s page here to see what we do, what you can do, how to contact us, where we are located, etc.

Hey Adams! I’m Amelia Quezada, the Resource Efficiency Program Representative (aka R.E.P. Rep) for Adams House! I’m so excited to connect you with sustainability resources all year!

I’m a senior in Clav, and I spend way too much time “doing readings” and “writing essays” in the dhall, so don’t be a stranger and please always consider me a resource to your sustainability questions or even event suggestions!


What’s a REP, you ask? Well in a nutshell… each house has a student working for the Harvard Office for Sustainability to implement green initiatives in our house and to educate our peers on all things sustainability. This means I am always around to answer any sustainability-related questions and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. I am also here to be an advocate for your sustainability-related needs. Do you want a study break to promote some information on how to save energy? Let me know. Is one of the trash rooms lacking adequate recycling bins? Hit me up! So when you have nutting... else to do, come to any or all study breaks and other events promoted by the Office for Sustainability! I’ll keep you updated on these via the Shmooze.


Check out the Resource Efficiency Program’s website here.


This year, I really want Adams in the running for the Green Cup:


Green Cup is an inter-House competition that runs throughout the academic year. There are three categories that each carry a cash prize—Participation, Resource Conservation, and Greenest House Committee (Green HoCo)—plus an awesome, giant trophy for the overall winner. The cash goes toward student programming to make Adams House even weirder and even more fun!


Just a few sustainability reminders for campus life:

  1. ALL compost, trash and recycling should be taken directly to the trash room or trash location in your building. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to me

    1. All hard plastic, paper, glass bottles and jars, cardboard (AKA Amazon Prime boxes...), metal cans, and foils! If you’re ever unsure whether to recycle or trash something, this is the place to check, and see the guides below!

    2. Regardless of what happens off-campus, recycling and composting on campus are being serviced on campus and delivered to their respective waste diversion facilities. Basically, your recycling is being recycled, and your compost is being composted.

      1. Important note: if you’re unsure about where it goes, it goes in the trash. We want to minimize contaminants to our recycling and compost that may render an entire batch unusable.

    3. Any one who needs any more recycling bins for your room on campus, feel free to reach out to Jorge or snag an extra from some waste rooms around the house!

  2. When washing your dishes, please put all food waste with your compost or trash. Do not put food waste in your bathroom sink because this will clog the drain and cause plumbing backups!

  3. Please keep your HEPA filter on at the highest setting and run as often as possible.

  4. Continue to be cautious of the ongoing pandemic. Test regularly, wear a face covering in public and common spaces if they are crowded or you’re not feeling well (or best case scenario isolate if you’re feeling sick), and wash your hands frequently.

  5. Please see the following for a few general instructions on how to turn on the heat. ​​

    1. Please note that the heat only turns on when the outside temperature is below 55 degrees during the day time hours and below 45 degrees after 1:00am.

    2. The heat can be regulated through the knob on the radiator, or the thermostat. The third notch corresponds to 63 degrees, so it is recommended to turn the heat up to the fourth or fifth notch. The snowflake indicates that the heat is off.

    3. Please keep windows closed if you’re using the heating system, otherwise energy is being wasted.

    4. Keep radiators clear of obstructions so they may function properly.

    5. Turn the radiator off before leaving your room for an extended period of time. (i.e. when you have class from 9-5, are going away for a weekend, etc.)

  6. This is basic, but please make sure to turn off all lights and fans when you leave your room.

  7. When possible, try to opt for reusable meal containers offered by the dining hall when taking food to-go, and commit to using reusable water bottles and coffee cups instead of disposable ones!