Welcome to the Adams House pre-law advising team! We are here to support you in:

  • Determining whether law school is right for you
  • Figuring out the right time to apply
  • Navigating the application process
  • Exploring law-related opportunities

The resident tutors are available to you at any time. Prelaw tutors can take you to law school classes, discuss their experiences with you, and help you think through whether law school is a good fit for your interests and goals. Even if you’re unsure whether law school is right for you, please feel free to email us to set up a meeting with one of the pre-law tutors. We are available to advise both current Adams students and Adams alumni.

At the start of the school year, we hold a fall pre-law meeting and strongly encourage all students considering applying law school to attend. We also partner with OCS to offer you panels, workshops, practice LSAT exams, and other law-related opportunities throughout the school year.

Be sure to subscribe to the House Mailing List (the Schmooze) for updates on pre-law events happening throughout the year. 

Other Resources: