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The Pool

Adams House had a pool in the basement. Though a theater through contemporary eyes, generations of Adams residents have known the Pool as the location of raucous parties, clothing-optional gatherings, and an open place for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons to express their identities. The Adams Pool provided space for personal expression and liberation even when the wider Harvard community did not. The Pool was converted to a theater out of concern for health and safety of the residents of the house. Currently the space is used to house student-lead performances in residence, movie screenings, lectures, workshops, and art exhibitions.

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The Theater


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Adams House is unique among the houses for having a dedicated space to student-lead theatrical productions. We accept applications two times a year for the Fall and Spring seasons. Usually announcements for applications are made through the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club, the Office for the Arts, and the Adams House list-serv. Preference is given to productions and events led by Adams House residents. As a student-run space, we do not accept, nor do we accommodate applications from faculty or staff unless they are affiliated with Adams House and have received prior permission from the Drama Tutor. We also try to preserve the character of the space, which means we also look to approve events that fit the following criteria:

  • Student-written
  • Use of the space in unique and respectful ways
  • Respect for the residential environment

The Pool is also equipped with a movie projector and screen, which are connected to both a DVD playerand laptop-connectable cables. Movie screenings are a popular event for students and staff alike. For more questions about the rules and capabilities of the theater, consult the Pool theater Handbook.


The Pool Theater is booked approximately one semester in advance through the following application to use the space. One-night events like movie screenings or comedy shows also require an application, though shorter. Submit reservation requests to the Pool Theatre (pooltheatre@gmail) Floor plans are also available for review.

Pool Theater Manager

The Adams Pool is managed by the Adams House Drama tutor who screens applications, orients students, and provides access to the space. The Pool Theater Manager for Adams is Aubry Threlkeld who is eager to talk with Adams residents who want to use the space.

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