House Committee (HoCo)


The Adams House Committee (HoCo) is a bunch of lovable weirdos elected and appointed from the pool of Adams students.  HoCo is devoted to managing House life, fostering community, and having discussions to better improve the student experience in the House. We throw a variety of social events, from formals, to Housing Day, to Carpe Noctem every Thursday in the LCR.  We also serve as a liaison between House staff and students.

 A man poses with an Adams House sign


The 91st Adams House Committee  

Joy Wang'22 -- Co-Chair
Selorm Quarshie'23 -- Co-Chair
Mihaela Marculescu '23 -- Social Chair
Amelia Quezada'23 -- Social Chair
Joy Lin'23 -- Treasurer
Dorina Kodreanu'24 -- Secretary
Isabel Wu'23 -- Community Chair
Grace O'Sullivan'24 -- Community Chair
AnaMaria Perez'24 -- Design Chair
Al Xin'23 -- Design Chair
Ellen Burstein'22 -- Gear Chair
Taehwan Kim'22 -- Gear Chair
Seo-Hyun Yoo'23 -- Media Chair
Sakshi Garg'24 -- Media Chair
Charles Hua'22 -- Outings Chair
Christopher Kwon'22 -- Outings Chair
Charlotte Moses'24 -- Philanthropy Chair
Sophia Weng'24 -- Mischief and Traditions Chair
Newaz Rahman'24 -- Mischief and Traditions Chair
Nick Gu'24 -- IM Rep
David Kennedy-Yoon'23 -- Music Chair

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