House Committee

The Adams House Committee (HoCo) is a bunch of lovable weirdos elected from within the students of Adams, devoted to managing house life and having discussions to better improve the student experience in the House!


We throw a variety of social events, from formals to Housing Day to Carpe Noctem every Thursday! We also serve as a liaison between House staff and students. Our weekly HoCo meeting is on Monday at 9 PM in the Upper Common Room (UCR). All Adamsians are welcome to attend, get updated on House events, and share suggestions! 

The 87th Adams House Committee 
Chairs: Bailey Colfax '19 and Brady Stevens '19
Arts & Design Chair: Dan Kim '19 
Mischief Chair: Tori Tong '20
Operations Chair: Malvika Menon '19 
Outings Chair: Matt Hoisch '19
Secretary: Emma Potvin '20 
Social Chairs: Julia Canick '17-'19 and Caroline Kristof '20
Social Spaces Chair: Charlie Colt-Simmonds '20
Traditions Chair: Vinny Byju '20
Treasurer: Michael Nock '20 


If you ever have any questions you think we can answer, please email us at!

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