House Committee (HoCo)



The Adams House Committee (HoCo) is a bunch of lovable weirdos elected and appointed from the pool of Adams students.  HoCo is devoted to managing House life, fostering community, and having discussions to better improve the student experience in the House. We throw a variety of social events, from formals, to Housing Day, to Carpe Noctem every Thursday in the LCR.  We also serve as a liaison between House staff and students. 

Weekly HoCo meetings will be held at a regular time and location to be announced. All Adams students are welcome to attend, get updated on House events, and share suggestions. See you there!

The 90th Adams House Committee  

Chairs: Tiffany Gonzalez '22 & Minjue Wu '22
Social Chairs: Samantha O'Sullivan '22 & Kaelin Ray '22
Secretary: Chung Yi See '22
Treasurer: Esther Xiang '23
Community Chair: Emily Sanchez '23
Community Committee Music Chair: Ben Meron '23
Community Committee Diversity Chair: Anastasia Onyango '22
Design Chair: Alison Xin '23
Gear Chair: Joy Lin '23 & Daniel Nunez Huaracha '23
Media Chair: Jeffrey Prince '22 and Ramona Park '23
Mischief Chair: Joy Wang '23 and Araceli Meza Meza '22
Outings Chair: Mihaela Marculescu '23
Philanthropy Chair: Fahedur Fahed '22

Selorm Quarshie '23

If you have any questions you think we can answer, please email us at  

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