House Committee

The Adams House Committee (HoCo) is the governing group drawn from within the students of Adams House, solely devoted to the goal of making your collective lives at Harvard more fun and rewarding!


Every year, we throw a variety social events, including Carpe Noctem every Thursday! We also serve as a liaison between House staff and students. All students are invited and encouraged to participate in HoCo dealings. The weekly HoCo meeting is on Monday at 9 PM in the Upper Common Room (UCR). All Adamsians are welcome to attend, get updated on HoCo events, share suggestions, and enjoy some delicious pizza! We hope to see all of you there! 

If you ever have any questions you think we can answer, please send an email House Committee an e-mail at Need to contact an individual HoCo chair? Click here.

The 86th Adams House Committee: 

  • Chairs: Ryan Ward '18 and Hannah Smati '18 
  • Secretary: Bailey Colfax '19 
  • Treasurer: Elliot Eton '19 
  • Social Chairs: Cleanna Crabill '19 and Mackenzi Curtin '19 
  • Arts & Design Chair: Sandy Li '18 
  • Operations Chair: Malvika Menon '19 
  • Traditions Chair: Christopher Johnny '18 
  • Outings Chair: Lyena Birkenstock '18 

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