House Committee

The Adams House Committee (HoCo) is a bunch of lovable weirdos elected and appointed from the pool of Adams students.  HoCo is devoted to managing House life and having discussions to better improve the student experience in the House.  


We throw a variety of social events, from formals, to Housing Day, to Carpe Noctem every Thursday in the LCR.  We also serve as a liaison between House staff and students.  Weekly HoCo meetings are on Mondays at 9 PM in the Upper Common Room (UCR).  All Adamsians are welcome to attend, get updated on House events, and share suggestions.  

The 87th Adams House Committee 
Chairs: Bailey Colfax '19 and Brady Stevens '19
Social Chairs: Julia Canick '17-'19 and Caroline Kristof '20
Secretary: Emma Potvin '20
Treasurer: Michael Nock '20
Arts & Design Chair: Dan Kim '19 
Mischief Chair: Tori Tong '20
Operations Chair: Malvika Menon '19 
Outings Chair: Matt Hoisch '19
Social Spaces Chair: Charlie Colt-Simonds '20
Traditions Chair: Vinny Byju '20


If you have any questions you think we can answer, please email us at  

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