Exam Time FAQ

What do I do if I am ill BEFORE a final exam?

GO TO UHS! You will be granted a make-up exam because of illness only if the illness is documented by UHS within the 24-hour period before the exam is scheduled. In an emergency, your illness can be reported to UHS by a private physician before the beginning of the exam. The private physician must also supply a written statement to UHS.

What happens if I arrive LATE to a final exam?

If you arrive late for a final exam, then you may be refused admission and reported as absent, which means you will earn a permanent grade of ABS, equivalent to a failing grade. The exam proctor has full authority to make the decision regarding late entry into an exam room. 

What happens if I get sick DURING a final exam?

Once you start an exam, you must complete it. If you get ill during an exam, report the illness immediately to your instructor or exam proctor. The instructor or exam proctor will put your exam in a signed and sealed envelope, noting how much time you have left, and have you escorted to UHS, where you will be kept incommunicado until able to resume the exam. Upon resumption, you will be allowed the balance of time not already used to complete the exam. If you are released outside of business hours, you should stay at UHS and finish the exam there.  Contact your the Tutor on Call (617-999-5878), and he/she or someone else from the house staff will come to UHS to administer the remainder of the exam.

What if I INADVERTENTLY miss my exam?

If you miss an exam due to genuine inadvertence (e.g., oversleeping, thinking the exam was scheduled for a different time), then see Chip immediately about petitioning the Administrative Board for a make-up exam. As part of the petition, the course head must send an e-mail to me stating that he/she will prepare a make-up exam (to be administered early in the next semester) and that you were in good standing in the course (C- or higher) before the final exam. You can petition successfully for such a make-up exam only once in your College career. If the petition fails, you will earn a permanent grade of ABS, equivalent to a failing grade. Please note that the granting of an inadvertence exam is entirely at the discretion of your instructor and the Administrative Board.

What if I need an extension on a final paper or project within the exam period?

Extensions on written work up to the end of the exam period may be granted by the instructor. Such extensions are at the discretion of the instructor; there is no need for Administrative Board action. Most instructors will request confirmation from me as your dean.

What if I need an extension on a final paper or project until AFTER the exam period?

No instructor can accept your work after the end of the exam period without the authorization of the Administrative Board. You must petition the Administrative Board for an official extension of time beyond the exam period. Please note that the notation "Incomplete" (INC), often used in the grading of graduate students, *cannot* be given to undergraduates.