Race Relations

Adams' 2017-18 Race Relations Tutors: Christina Baik, Naima Green

The Race Relations team fosters diversity-centered community-building here at Adams. We aim to work with Adams students to host events that celebrate our diversity and engage community members in thoughtful discussion around issues of race and ethnicity. Race relations tutors are always available to lend an ear to students seeking help or guidance.

Here's a list of events we've sponsored in the past:

  • Family Night: Monthly get-together to spend quality time with other Adams residents and share delicious treats
  • Trope Talk about The Bachelorette: co-sponsored program with the CARE team about themes and trends in this popular TV show
  • Documentary Night - Screening of "13th": co-sponsored by Harvard's Asian American Women's Association (AAWA)
  • Movie Outing: Group trip to downtown Boston to see "Get Out"

race-relations-study break

From one of our study breaks in the Coolidge Room!

Other Harvard Resources:

  • The Harvard Foundation: The Race Relations team often works in collaboration with The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural Race Relations, a nonprofit organization on campus with the mandate to "improve relations among racial and ethnic groups within the University and to enhance the quality of our common life." 
  • The Bureau of Study Counsel: The BSC offers a wide selection of services to students seeking to enrich their learning experiences at Harvard. Visit their website for information about academic counseling, peer tutoring, and self-help strategies.
  • Office of International Programs: The OIPs can assist any Harvard student planning to travel abroad. 

University Policy:

  • Click here for a statement from the Harvard College Handbook for Students about discrimination and harassment.



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