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Adams House Newsletter - May 3rd, 2017

Important Dates 

Upcoming Deadlines 

Final exams— May 4 - May 13
For questions about exam policies and please consult the Handbook You can find more information about the times and locations of your exams on the Registrar's website.  Good luck!   

May 14— Non-Graduating Students Move-Out 
Non-graduating students must vacate their housing by 12 pm. 


Wednesday, May 3— Year End BBQ, 5-7 pm 

Friday, May 5— Adams House Concert, 8 pm in the LCR 
Finals got you down? Take a break to attend the Adams House concert and appreciate all that Adams House talent. 


Summer storage opens May 8th. More information about summer 2017 is on the Adams House website

A note on academic integrity: 

Members of the Harvard College community commit themselves to producing academic work of integrity – that is, work that adheres to the scholarly and intellectual standards of accurate attribution of sources, appropriate collection and use of data, and transparent acknowledgement of the contribution of others to their ideas, discoveries, interpretations, and conclusions. Cheating on exams or problem sets, plagiarizing or misrepresenting the ideas or language of someone else as one’s own, falsifying data, or any other instance of academic dishonesty violates the standards of our community, as well as the standards of the wider world of learning and affairs.

Please see Adam with any questions. 

Adam's Office Hours: 

Mon: 3-4pm

Tues: 11am-12pm

Wed: 11am-12pm

Thurs: 1-3pm

Fri: 10-11:30am & 2-3pm 

Adam will be holding open office hours in the dining hall on Monday, 2-3 pm, and Thursday, 11 am-12 pm. Make an appointment with Adam

Upcoming Tutor on Call: Aubry 617-999-5878