Summer Storage

If you have questions about storage after reading this page, see Jorge, our Building Manager. 

The College will store students' belongings on campus for the summer of 2019 under the following conditions:
  • Students who live within 150 miles of the College are not permitted to store.
  • Students taking a leave of absence, withdrawing from the College, or graduating may not store any belongings at the College.
  • All articles are stored at the student's risk.  The University assumes no responsibility for loss or damage.  Students are strongly urged not to store items of significant value, or to insure them if they must leave them.
  • Each student may store up to six boxes of the approximate size: width = 1', length = 1', height = 2' or equivalent to 12 cubic feet.  Oversized articles (such as sofas must be in fairly good condition, lamps, etc.) may be accepted for storage in addition to boxed items if space is available. Volume will be closely monitored.
  • No access is permitted to stored belongings until the House opens in the fall.
  • All articles not picked up by the last day of Storage will be treated as abandoned property.  As such they will be discarded, destroyed, used by the College for its own purposes, or sold for the College's account without any obligation to the student for its disposition or the proceeds thereof.
  • A small number of storerooms, used as classrooms by the Registrar, must be cleaned of student belongings by the first day of classes.  The Building Managers will clearly notify the affected students of this requirement in the spring before articles are stored.
  • Adams House Furniture can be brought to the K-Space in Randolph Basement and boxes can be brought to the Art Space (in Randolph Courtyard, 10 Linden St) during the times listed below. Questions about storage should be directed to our building manager, Jorge Teixeira (


Storage Schedule

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