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Welcome to the Bow & Arrow Press! We are located in Adams B-Entry basement level and host Open Press Nights every Wednesday during the semester from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. We are open to anyone with a current Harvard affiliation and encourage you to come by to explore and create! No experience necessary.

“The awesome thing about Letterpress printing is that it carries with it the inertia of five centuries.” -Gary Johanson

About Letterpress:

Letterpress is a form of relief printmaking: using raised letterforms to directly imprint ink on the surface of the printing substance. The physical impact leaves a tactile mark on the surface, and can be used to print on many and varied paper stocks.

Letterpress presses can also print printmaking blocks, so handmade artwork can be created and replicated easily.

We offer courses throughout the semester where you will learn more advanced techniques in the art of letterpress!

A Brief History of Letterpress:

Letterpress printing began in the mid-1400s as an amalgamation of cutting-edge Early Modern technologies and went on to change the world.

Sound like the Internet? It was like the Internet, if you lived in Europe at the time.

Information could be easily and correctly replicated for the first time in history, and disseminated to anyone who wanted to read it. It sparked a scientific revolution, a religious Reformation, literary innovations, and began the evolution of the mass-media society we know today.

Currently, letterpress printing is in the middle of a modern Renaissance, as people discover that the physical emboss inherent in the process makes for a beautiful and lasting mark. Letterhead, business cards, invitations and menus are only a few of the items that people have letterpressed today.

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