Adams' 2017-18 Pre-Business Tutors: Gorick Ng, William Burke, Sheila Enamandram, Samir Junnarkar

Adams' 2017-18 Non-Resident Tutors: Evan Kornbluh, Nanako Yano, Sarah Scalia

Our mission is to support students who are interested in post-college careers not immediately associated with graduate school (e.g. tech, consulting, finance, social impact, corporate, entrepreneurship) and students who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in business. We meet our mission by:

  1. Organizing events and sharing resources that build greater awareness of different post-college career pathways
  2. Helping students navigate the internship search and post-college career planning process
  3. Connecting students to resources available through the greater Harvard community (e.g. OCS)
  4. Assisting students in their deferred admission applications to business school (e.g. HBS 2+2 and Stanford GSB)
  5. Building a community of like-minded students and alums through weekly dinner office hours and other programming


Tutor Areas of Specialty:

Gorick Ng:

  • Experience: HBS MBA student, education startup entrepreneur (, startup accelerator participant (MassChallenge, Harvard i-Lab), BCG consulting, Credit Suisse investment banking, search funds, Ashoka startup advisor, non-profit board member, Canadian policy advisor, public school board trustee
  • Email:
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  • Talk to me about:
    • How to get a job in investment banking, consulting
    • How to start a startup
    • Studying abroad over the summer
    • Pursuing a fulfilling career out of college
    • How to think about the public, private, and non-for-profit sectors
    • Applying for deferred admission to business school
    • Navigating college as a first generation college student
    • Navigating the recruiting process as an F-1 visa student
    • How to wrestle with the idea of “doing well and doing good”

Samir Junnarkar

  • Experience: HBS MBA student, LinkedIn Business Operations (content and product strategy for, and other teams), Morgan Stanley investment banking (25 tech IPOs over 2 years), U.S. Department of Treasury, Alumni program coordinator for Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
  • Email:
  • LinkedIn: 
  • Talk to me about: 
    • How to get a job in investment banking, tech
    • Pursuing finance vs. economic policy vs. Ph.D
    • Understanding the lifecycle of a tech start-up: from seed funding to IPO and beyond
    • Strategizing about "when" and "how" to apply to business school
    • Writing a good cover letter and resume
    • Interviewing tips -- do's and don’ts

Sheila Enamandram:

  • Experience: HMS-HBS MD-MBA student, GE Ventures, Massachusetts General Hospital, US Department of State (Office of Global AIDS Coordinator/PEPFAR), mobile wound health app startup (, healthcare quality improvement collaborative (, social services non-profit (, hospital-related management
  • Email:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Talk to me about:: 
    • Writing a good cover letter and resume
    • Interviewing tips -- dos and don’ts
    • Balancing professional and personal commitments
    • Pursuing internships/careers in public health, health policy, tech in medicine (e.g. digital health, medical devices)
    • Working for a large corporation
    • (Whatever else is on your mind!)

William Burke:

Evan Kornbluh:

  • Experience: HBS/HKS MPP/MBA joint degree class of 2018, Albright Stonebridge Group corporate diplomacy consulting, US Treasury Department, Teach For China (Director of fundraising strategy and research), Wokai Microfinance, Peking University (History instructor)
  • Email:
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  • Talk to me about: 
    • Navigating public sector vs. private sector vs. nonprofit work
    • Working abroad 
    • Networked job search 
    • Thinking about having personal / social impact in your career 
    • Working in a startup 
    • Thinking about “when” and “how” to apply to business school 
    • Cover letter and resume help 
    • Exploring career opportunities outside the big recruiting paths at Harvard 
    • Happy to make introductions to anyone in my network with experience you are interested in! 

Nanako Yano:

  • Experience: Joint degree student at HBS and HKS (MPA/ID), Schulze Global Investments (private equity in Ethiopia), Rwanda Development Board (Rwandan government), Clinton Health Access Initiative (health policy with governments in Swaziland, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa), Oliver Wyman consulting, Vision Fund (microfinance in Sri Lanka), mentor for Japanese college and high school students 
  • Email: 
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  • Talk to me about: 
    • International development as a sector (NGOs, foundations / philanthropies, multilateral organizations, grassroots organizations, social enterprises, etc.)
    • Public health in Africa
    • Investing / private equity in Africa
    • Policy-business joint degrees
    • Recruiting as an F-1 visa student
    • Being a “tri-sector athlete” (private - public - nonprofit)

Sarah Scalia:

  • Experience: HBS MBA student, Simon-Kucher & Partners life science consulting, focus on biotech and healthcare consulting. Undergrad degree in biomedical engineering with Wyss Institute lab research focused on oncology
  • LinkedIn
  • Talk to me about: 
    • OCI and consulting recruiting
    • Prepping for case interviews
    • Prepping for fit interviews
    • Polishing resumes and writing cover letters
    • GMAT/GRE prep, deciding which to take
    • Applying for deferred admission to business school (i.e. HBS 2+2, Stanford GSB, Sloan)
    • Balancing self-care and professional achievement


Please find our compiled list of resources below!

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