Amber Kuzmick

Amber Kuzmick

Academic Coordinator
Amber Kuzmick

Hi Adams House!  As the Academic Coordinator, I help you handle some of the administrative aspects of your academic life.  I remind you of important dates and deadlines, put together your petitions to the Ad Board, process your pass/fail forms, help you make appointments with Chip, maintain your files (including letters of recommendation), and help you reserve rooms in Adams House.  

A little bit about me: I've lived in Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Utah, and New York state but have now lived in Massachusetts the longest of anywhere.  In my former lives I was a ballet dancer and an English teacher, and I also worked in a similar administrative position across the river at Harvard Business School.  

Some of my favorite things are nighttime walks, road trips to new places, Earl Grey tea, the music of Gram Parsons, the writing of Jane Austen, the podcast Too Beautiful to Live, baking pies (or let’s be real, cobblers), and curating my Airbnb favorites lists.  

Come say hi! My office is on the second floor of C-entry right across from Matt's. I have chocolate and a comfy couch and you are welcome to avail yourself of both!  

Contact Information

26 Plympton Street, C-18
p: (617) 495-2260
Office Hours: M-F 9am-5pm

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