Shannon Jones

Shannon Jones

Resident Tutor
Hampden 23
FGLI, Pre-Career, STEM (co-lead)

I grew up in San Diego, CA. Since graduating from Stanford in 1998 as a ChemE, I am now the Northeast director of a national nonprofit energy organization. I like IMs, all card games, and I spend weekends running after our kids to their lacrosse, basketball and softball games. Stop by I-11 to enjoy laughter, movies, board games and to meet our kids - they are a hoot!”

What’s bringing you joy right now?

Right now, I am really enjoying having time to text and Zoom my friends. Pre-Covid, we were always so busy with our families, work and own stuff to reach out to each other more than our monthly guys' chat.

Things I love:

Movies, live music, traveling, the beach, Thai food

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