Shandra Jones

Shandra Jones

Resident Tutor
FGLI, Fellowships, Race Relations

I grew up in Prichard, AL (Mobile County - also home of Africatown and Cudjo Lewis, central figure in Zora Neale Hurston's Barracoon) with my mother, sister, and extended family of love.  Since graduating from Stanford as a PoliSci major (where I met Shannon!), I have worked in retail strategy as a buyer and was pre-JD/MBA as a legal services ops director in NYC before finding my passion serving students in higher education.  Now, in the HGSE PhD program, I focus on how understanding student ethnic-racial identity development can transform higher ed outcomes across the U.S.  And I'm finding a ton of joy right now in getting outside each morning for jogs with my kids, early morning comet sightings, bedside card games, and getting sneak peeks into our students' home lives when we connect throughout the summer.  Before the pieces in the Adams House Puzzle shuffle again, you can find us (Shannon + our kids: Ella, Dash + Nini) in Randolph H12/I-11.  

Things I love:

Music, yoga, jogging, well-stocked and colorful grocery stores


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