Shandra Jones

Shandra Jones

Resident Tutor - Hampden 23
FGLI, Race Relations, Wellness, Sophomore Advising Coordinator

I grew up in Prichard, AL (Mobile County - also home of Africatown and Cudjo Lewis, central figure in Zora Neale Hurston's book Barracoon) with my mother, sister, and extended family. Since graduating from Stanford University as a PoliSci major (where I met Shannon!), my career path has included continued schooling (MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill; coursework at New School University) and various positions - from retail strategy as a buyer to legal services ops direction in NYC (while pre-JD/MBA and taking the LSAT twice) and finding my passion serving students in higher education. I now utilize my MBA and strategy focus, my conflict resolution skills from the PoliSci/IR background, and my organizational change management skills to address the gap between what students needs to thrive in and beyond college and what colleges/universities do to meet student needs. Relatedly, I'm a PhD Candidate at HGSE, where I focus on how understanding student ethnic-racial identity development can transform higher ed outcomes across the U.S.  And I'm finding joy right now in getting outside with my kids and friends and loved ones; bubble/boba tea; the trove of Black authors lining the rabbit holes I sometimes find myself in online and in bookstores; and the energy that is generated when students return to the House.  Come find us (Shannon + our kids: Ella, Dasheill (pronounced dash-ull) + Nilaya (ni-LAY-uh)) in the DHall, milling about, or at Hampden 23.   

Things I love: Music, yoga, jogging, well-stocked and colorful grocery stores, chatting+laughing away an afternoon

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