Osiris Rankin

Osiris Rankin

Resident Tutor
Hampden 63
FGLI, Race Relations, Wellness
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I’m Jesse's dad. He’s six. We love to talk about superheroes, the deep mysteries of life, how big and fast he is getting, anything with numbers, fairness, and the Boston Celtics.  I’m also a PhD student in psychology here at Harvard. My wife, Alison, and I, love living here at Adams. We get to know so many great people! Alison and I are both from Southeast Virginia, near the cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Before coming to Harvard, I graduated from UNC at Chapel Hill and Durham Technical Community College. Before that, I failed my first senior year of HS and my first year of college. It’s a long story. A lot of good things are. For some reason, I really love long stories, underdogs, comebacks, and general improvement.

What’s bringing you joy right now? 

Joy is a feeling that I associate with pleasant surprises. We can find joy through work, like researching and discovering a new and distinct way of explaining what we’ve seen a million times before. We can find joy in daily habits, like cooking and putting a new twist on an old recipe. Most of my joy comes from spending time with people in one-on-one or small group settings. The sort of things that are discussed when there are just a few people there are just different. I find that I hear the most surprises, or the good stuff, when things are allowed to flow, get deep, and just be organic. Those sorts of conversations are handmade. I feel joy when people are able to just be themselves and share.

Good surprises can bring joy, and the most consistently surprising person I interact with is my son. He’s really funny! I love to hear his perspective on the world and his theories on everything. There's a lot that's familiar in what he says because he is my kid, and I used to be six, but he’s his own person! I really enjoy hearing the twists that he adds to the mix. He makes ordinary things interesting, and his eye towards a future of possibilities is something that I especially value today.

Things I love:
Sharing and listening to stories, cooking without recipes, helping and learning from others, hearing about or thinking up a new idea, arguing with friends in a friendly way about things of no importance, going for walks, and reading comics.

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