Dennis Ojogho

Dennis Ojogho

Senior Resident Tutor
Pre-Law, Race Relations
Dennis Ojogho

I’m excited to be returning to Adams as a pre-law tutor. Before entering HLS, I graduated from the College in Government. Then I worked in my hometown of South Central Los Angeles to help high school students lead educational equity and juvenile justice campaigns. I’m excited to continue cultivating the spirit of activism with the Senior Resident and Race Relations tutor teams.

What’s bringing you joy right now?

My guitar has been an incredible source of joy during this time. What I love most about my guitar is that it allows me to tap into music's unlimited power. Some days it will be a rockin' Jimi Hendrix riff, other days it will be a classic Beatles tune, and still others days it might be a beautiful progression from H.E.R. My guitar brings me joy because it enables me to channel my creativity--my inner child.

Things I love:
Creative Writing, Basketball, Guitar, U.S. History

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