Dakota "Cody" McCoy

Dakota "Cody" McCoy

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Hello! I hail from Pittsburgh (greatest city in America!) and am delighted this year to be joining Adams House (greatest house at Harvard!) as a new resident tutor. I am a second year PhD student in Biology, having recently completed a masters in Environmental Policy at Oxford. Before THAT (gosh, I am as old as the hills!), I was an undergrad at Yale, where I spent my free time running hurdles, experimenting with bookbinding, and singing a cappella. Now at Harvard, I run not-hurdles, experiment with bookbinding, and sing a cappella. Much has changed.

My academic interests are twofold: I am interested in environmental policy and in biological systems. During my masters, I researched environmental economics, corporate environmental management, and ecosystem responses to climate change. Now, I focus on biology: I am researching the nanostructural basis of “superblack” in nature, as well as the epigenetic and environmental underpinnings of cooperation. Feel free to ask me about the paradoxical link between intra-genomic conflict and sociality! I have encountered all sorts of strange and wonderful critters on field expeditions, such as a mountain lion in the Rockies and tool-making crows in the South Pacific, and I am eager to talk about nature and animals *anytime*. I love reading science fiction; talking about ethics, politics, the environment, and baseball history; hiking and getting outdoors; and anything to do with music. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you better—come by and say hi sometime!

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