Dakota "Cody" McCoy

Dakota "Cody" McCoy

Resident Tutor
Fellowships, STEM

I hail from Pittsburgh (the greatest city in America!) and am delighted to be returning to Adams House (greatest house at Harvard!) as a fifth-year resident tutor. I’m a Ph.D student in Biology; I have a masters in Environmental Policy from Oxford and was an undergrad at Yale (gosh, I am as old as the hills!). Outside of my academic work, I advocate for social and environmental justice. I’m excited to meet all of you!

What’s bringing you joy right now?

I find joy in discovering new secret spots around Cambridge-- the path behind the ART, the garden behind Lamont, and the biggest Elm I've ever seen on a side road between Garden and Concord.

Things I love:
Running, science fiction, bookbinding, a cappella

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