Aubry Threlkeld

Resident BGLT Tutor, Manager of the Pool Theater

Aubry is an advanced doctoral candidate in Human Development and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Aubry's current research looks at how and when young people with dyslexia construct themselves as disabled and how that relates to cultural models of disability. Aubry's interests range from disability studies, queer studies, and cultural in psychology to program evaluation and reading intervention. He specializes in qualitative approaches to examining talk and text.

Currently, Aubry also manages the Pool Theater and is a member of the culinary club. He enjoys writing poetry. Previously at Harvard, Aubry has served as a teaching fellow for many courses across the university and assisted in a range of research projects. Prior to coming to Harvard, Aubry completed a Master's of Science at Mercy College, NY in Special Education and a B.A. in Art History from Middlebury College, VT. He is originally from Charleston, SC.