What does it mean for my record if I withdraw from a course?

Since the College does not interpret Withdrawals, (which appear as "WD" on student records) as equivalent to failing grades, they are not calculated in any way into their College GPAs. "WD" was never meant to be interchangeable with "UNS" (unsat), "F" (fail) or "E", which are the only codes on a student record that denote a failing grade.

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How does the heat in my suite work?

The heat only turns on when the outside temperature is below 55° during the day, and below 45° after 1:00am. Your heat can be regulated through the knob on you radiator. The 3rd notch corresponds to 63°, so it is recommended to turn the heat up to the 4th or 5th notch. The snowflake indicates that the heat is off, and that you will be cold.